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Originally Posted by Sparx
Who can even feel the difference when the bulkhead are tweaked less than a few hundreds of a milllimeter?
Even on a Tamiya MSX the shock tower can be tweaked if you're not paying attention when tightening the screws because the holes are a few hundreds of a mm larger than the screws.....

I can feel a tweak in a bulkhead..... otherwise, I would not be here expressing my concerns. Tweak anywhere in a car- top deck, bulkhead, etc. is easy to feel on the track.

Please don't take any of my comments as bashing your "pride and joy". I in fact - WANT to like the car. I think its great looking design and has potential to perform. I WANT to buy one. I have merely asked for a rationally based explaination of why my (and others) expectations of the most expensive TC ever, have not been met.

Its simple. If I read a justification as to why the plastic is better than aluminum, I buy one.
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