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Originally Posted by The Maestro
Thanks for your fast response. I will check a few pages back, but I still expect a response from someone on the Kyosho/Kyosho America R&D team to explain.

As for selling hop ups, I don't think we need to get into the cost of all the new TC's here, but it seems as if all the companies are trying to get a 100% ROI on the first kit they sell.

I disagree that they (plastic blukhead pieces) are as precise as aluminum. The plastic is most likely injection molded. This process has some inherent precision issues and is difficult to replicate time after time to the tolerances needed for the bulkheads of a TC. My guess is that it might be a futile effort to have a more impact resistant or resilient material that "won't tweak" on impact? Am I out of line here? In any case, I think the variations that are produced during the injection molding process could pre-tweak the car and make this one a destined loser.

Sorry Kyosho, you pulled up lame on this one. I was really looking forward to adding this stallion to my stable. But until I hear some public explanation about the plastic bulk head pieces - I am putting this horse out to pasture - and potentially putting it down in a humane fashion.
While i agree on the fact that it sucks that the top of the bulkheads is made out of plastic, I have to disagree on the idea that it could be an issue to the car's handling.

True plastic injection molding isn't as accurate as CNC machining (if well done that is). However the discrepancy isn't as bad as you seem to say and in no way is going to be enough to make a car tweaked out of the box. Besides plastic is flexible enough so that it won't make the car tweak.

My other point is that Masaaki Hirosaka designed that car, and to be honest, I don't think he'll have included those parts if they were going to be an issue. From what I've heard, those parts are among those that are shared with the Z-5 and TF-5 shaft car, and have not been causing any issues.

My only gripe is that for the highest priced TC on the market, you could expect it to be the highest specced aswell.
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