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Angry knocking noises, and constaint repairs

ok so i left my Tl01 in the cupboard as it made a constiant knocking/tapping noise, i had stripped that down and found a bit of grit in a gears tooth tokk it out but the noise persisted. i checked the driveshafts, dog bones hubs and bearings, and nothing all looked fine. I finnaly fixed the problem by taking the bearing out that fits on the inside of the chassis and replacing it with a plastic one lol, that didnt fix the problem it meerley made it quiet enough not to bover me.

So i thought my new tt01 would be fine?? well that idea was short lived afetr one run in a playground and one run indoors the car started a knocking noise when steering to the left, the noise appeared to be from the front left wheel.

So stripped it down used wd40 to clean the parts, ie bearings, dog bones, knuckles diff etc etc!!!!

re greased with what i had left but the diff on the front seems louder than the front when i spin the wheels???

so what could be the cause of the tl01 and why do i seem to have so many problems?? i dont run the cars hard and havent crashed the tt01 so why so many problems.
i ussually get one run then the next run i get a fault fix it then same again is this normal???
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