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Well I'm gonna head to bed and I suspose wake up early enough to get down to the hobbyshop.
TT-01R is my platform at the moment gonna wait and see what they say down there and what my wallet says.
I'm just really worried about spending too much at the hobbystore when I could have maybe spent 30minutes peicing together a kit/somewhat a kit and save possibly 50-100 dollars.

I'm still trying to figure out if the R is so much better if its not like I said theres members here selling the cars for 100 or so. I figure by a controller for X amount? and I think thats all I'd need. Still trying to figure out the whole servo controller thing. Sorry guys I know I seem redundant and stupid but I'm surprized at how much knowledge is here and I'm just really worried I'll spend 350 dollars for something that I may have been able to give 200-250 for. Or if buying used hopefully a little less. Body and all that doesn't mean crap to me because I'll prolly spend 20-30 dollars and buy my own body and paint it. To me that seems like a lot of fun/headache!

Added: What is this bionic charger? like a fast charger?
Ok thanks again sorry. Just want to be able to understand what the hobby guy is saying to me so I'm not a complete retard when I talk to him.
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