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Basically you can either sell stuff, or service, or make stuff (and sell it).

You can start working in a hobby shop or open one yourself. There are never enough hobby shops with knowlegdeable staff. You can start painting bodies. There is even a market for repairing RTR cars and such. You could open a RC workshop, repairing cars, truing tires, rebuilding motors.

Or you can find some product that the RC market needs and start manufacturing. For example AMB has monopoly on timing systems. But they're expensive. If you can make AMB compatible timing system, at low price, you could make serious bucks. Please don't try to make yet another charger or ESC or start new battery matching business, there are enough of those. You could also find some weak point on popular car and make unbreakable replacement part. I know of a guy who designs parts like spools, has them machined for him and sells them at races.

The possibilities are endless,,, but if you have to ask,,, then I doubt that you can do it.
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