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When you start talking about the early days, I can't resist. I was fortunate enough to watch these guys from the very beginning. Both Rick and Barry were mid teens when they started racing RC cars. Don't know if Rick will remember blowing up a battery pack at the Briggs Cunningham Museum track in SoCal may have been your first race. As with many of the kids from SoCal tracks in the early 80s they were good from the beginning...who knew how good they would eventually be. I sure missed it at first on Tony...he charged his car under the hood of his El Camino at the Ventura RoadRunners track and of course was beating us all none the less in 1/12 scale. He dreamed of racing in the World Championship...I told him those guys were really good! The rest is history.

Glad to see you guys haven't lost anything on the track even with a few grey hairs.

Good luck Rick and Barry!

Gary McAllister
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