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Originally Posted by pinggoy
hi i know you guys can help me out with this. i just built my 12l4 and just finished it. i notice when i measure the ride height the left side is 5 front and 5.5 rear, and my right side is 5.5 front and 6 rear. i just followed the box set up. and also whats the use of the use of the tweak set screw. i mean i know the word tweak but how does that work?
As long as you get the 'coin drop' tweek test right (see Mark's website) the car will handle fine. With all the manufacturing tolerances in all those moulded and machined parts, that sort of error is inevitable.

If everything plays in your favour, it'll all come out perfect, but if it doesn't (as you and hundreds of drivers discover) it doesn't matter enough to chase down the cause - better to be roughly right than precisely wrong!! HTH
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