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Originally Posted by Car Breaker
I agree with you, the rear upper link ball end is so tight that make it hard to pop out.

but I do noitve the 4mm turn buckle on stock G4 is way too short (18mm), not many thread are in the plastic, I suggest TM or whoever has a G4 switch to at least 20mm turn buckle on it 23mm is the best length in fact.

I wrongly order an 20mm which is slightly longer but may not be enough, maybe I will order another 23mm pair sometime soon
Yes, they seem not long enough if you are using 3 degree camber.

I'm using 4 & 4.5 so they are still okay. Have you consider using Mugen MBX5 Ti turnbuckle ? I know it's 4mm thick but I'm not sure about the total length.

My friend replaced all steering ball connectors with Xray. I know the plastic are hard stuffs and very hard to pop off. You also need to buy Xray metal pivot balls.
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