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Originally Posted by RayJ
Dennis devloped a new internal gear system for the G4S that some of us got a chance to run this past weekend at Toledo. It was a very definate improvement, and I picked up about .3 sec's per lap. I also ran the new Black clutch spring with all the weights in the flyweights, and dialed a ton of clutch in it. Dennis reworked a Kyosho UFO clutch bell and pinions. The motor just came to life, and the bottom end pulls waaay harder!! The first column of numbers is the standard drive numbers, and the second is the numbers for the improved internal drive. I also undertsand in afew months Team Magic will be offering a still lower internal drive. Some of the prototype stuff I saw was really really trick!!

Front Diff.Pulley 32 32
Inside Front Pulley 18 18
Outside Frt Pulley 27 26(option pulley)
Outside Rear Pulley 19 20
Brake Pulley 19 20
Rear Diff. Pulley 48 48
1st Speed Pinion 19 17(TM Kyosho UFO pinion)
2nd Speed Pinion 24 23(TM Kyosho UFO pinion)
1st Speed Spur 51 52
2nd Speed Spur 46 47
Fr. Tire Diameter 61 59
Rear Tire Diameter 62 62

1st Speed Final Gear Ratio 6.781 7.341
2nd Speed Final Gear Ratio 4.842 4.904
Ratio between 1st and 2nd Speed 40.05% 49.69%
Final Coeficient 2.526 2.400
Ratio between Front & Rear Tires 98.39% 98.82%
hmmmmmmmmmm sounds great!! Now if I just had some optionaL pulley's to do it with!!
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