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Originally Posted by bxpitbull
Ok X-ray, you seem like a fairly intelligent individual. How can I address these diff problems? Now, explain it to me like I am a six year old, how exactly do you set your ball diffs? I know that diff re-builds go with the territory, but slipping 2 minutes into a pack just aint normal, no matter what you run. I see guys running 6x1 in TC3's with final drives of 5 flat (speed runs only) that dont have to rebuild diffs as much as I do. So, what am I NOTdoing right? I apply the diff grease, screw the diff until it is tight to turn and loosen a 1/4 turn from there and consider it set. HELP! I dont like running with the spool.
Here are some diff building tips:
1. Clean, clean, clean. Make sure the diff balls and diff rings are absolutely clean. Any oil from your fingers on them will only increase the chance of them slipping. Use a small needle nose plier with a bent tip to assemble the diff.
2. Use plenty of black grease on the thrust bearings.
3. Apply diff grease on the outdrives (between the diff rings and the outdrive)
4. Threadlock the diff nut! This is important.
5. Also, put a shim between the outdrive/diff screw and diff nut.
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