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Originally Posted by Maxx
Do you guys discharge your receiver packs before you recharge them or you just throw it on the charger after you take it off the car?

Hey Acid what is that you use over the fuel tank? I guess its there to keep fuel from splashing all over the car during refueling right?
Hey Maxx

The bateries, well I discharge first - suppose to help with keeping the charge for a long while. I use digital servo for accel/brake and hi-torqe analogue for turning.

The stuff over the fuel tank is a piece of high absorbption cloth, nothing special. Go to convenient store and you should find it in the cleaning agents section, not expensive at all. By now you would have read about all the problems guys have with electrics - so, I figure why not protect against fuel spills during pit stops Only down side, it costs you in weight, prob around 10 grams.

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