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Screeching motor

I just picked up a TT-01 and a Traxxas XL-10: 10 turn ESC along with a Speed Gems Pro Pyrite 10 turn double motor, using a Duratrax Evader ST reciever and radio. Here's the problem, I turn on the ESC and power up the ar and it's fine, quiet, great. But as soon as I flip on the Radio the motor begins to makes this obnoxious screeching noise that does not sound good. I also have a problem with the ESC, when I hit the throttle, sometimes it takes a moment to go and I can't go directly from full throttle to full brake/revers, because nothing happens, I have to go from full throttle to neutral to brake/reverse in order for the brakes or reverse to work. Any suggestions?

EDIT:the battery I'm using is a Venom 1800 NiCD if that matters at all

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