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Addict sa RC- The paint will actually act as a "sealer" for the ink. The only thing you have to watch for is that none of the chassis can touch the inside paintwork where the decal is because you can "scrap" the paint/ink off. A coating of clear glue will sort this out , although it is not essential.

I have attached a picture of a Porsche GT1 shell I used on a Mugen MTX last year. ALL the decals are stuck on the inside, including headlights and the red lettering on the roof. The shell lasted about 2 months of "hard" running, when I threw it away the decals were all still very much intact, which was more than I could have said about the wheel arches and rear wing!

Now-a-days, I'm too lazy to scan the decals which come will the shells so I just "selectively" use the self print decals! Just make sure the plastic sheet is very soft and pliable. I use a local Hong Kong brand so I do not know about the Avery stickers.

One last thing. These stickers are not as "sticky" as normal decals, keep away from wet weather driving. Besides than I encountered no problems with the sticker lifting.
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