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Originally Posted by HotrodHopkins
glad u like it so far. the things that will break racing are the front hub carreirs, so iether get aluminum ones or stock up on the plastics, cause the dont break as much as bend, and that's still not good.
Yeah, I'd much rather break a cheap plastic hub than to break a more expensive aluminum hub.

Does anybody know if the supplied Tamiya grease is ok to use for the diff? I used that, but I thought that I should've used some Yokomo White Diff grease instead.

Also, what is the advantage of tightening the diff? I run in a fairly small/tight course made for 1/10 touring cars. How will tightening the diff affect the handling? Also, how do you actually tighten the diff? I assume using a certain type of grease or tighten the 3 diff screws as tight as possible?

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