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Originally Posted by Tempest2000
I agree the mains take way too long... cutting out sponsor lists is not the answer though.

changing the order of the races so the A mains are not run back to back seems to be the best suggestion...

I think Cleveland is the only race that doesn't have a trophy presentation... Maybe have a trophy presentation for just the A mains... It wouldn't take that long...

I enjoy cleveland every year well except for last year missing the 2nd round on due to tearing the cartilage and tendons in my knee on the drivers stand.

I loved the new raised drivers stand... HOWEVER REAL steps need to be put up not everyone is in that great of shape LOL me included. The cheap steps put up last year didn't even hold up to Eric Anderson stepping on it and he's about avg. After that step broke there was nothing on the right side of the driver stand to step onto. I ripped my knee apart trying to get onto the driver stand with no step. (had a prior injury in 98 with my knee same injury) Not so much as one person offered to help when i was flat on my back... not one driver, bystander, official, race director etc. I had to limp back up to my room with a blown out knee and had to stay there from the 2nd round on till we left in my room and couldn't hardly move.

I ended up confined to bed for over a month and could barely get around for 3 months on. I'm still abour 65% or so...

It was my own fault for trying to get my fat butt on the driver stand w/o a step, but if there had been one there it would have never happened.

My $1.25...

Michael Skeen
well we agree with what you have to say about the trophy presentation and we are trying to sort that out actually Mr.bill and I have been talking for awhile on if we want the run the a mains together anymore and how to work in the trophy presentation.We should have something worked out real soon I will be sure to let you guys know as soon as we do.

Now onto the steps we will have something different this year.We want hand rails and alot more steps then what we had last year hopefully that will help some.
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