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Originally Posted by YR4Dude
Secondly, you guys are expecting a belted tourer from a company that still hasn't been able to put out a 4wheel offroader after so many years? Sure they have plenty of 1/18 mini 4WD mini-offroaders so why couldn't they have made 1/10 version?
that's an easy one... the market for 1/10th scale 4wd buggy is very small. the market for 1/18th scale bashers is huge. racers make up a very small percentage of the rc market, and racers are pretty much the only people crazy enough to buy a car that a) costs more to buy, b) requires more maintenance, c) costs more to maintain, d) costs more in regards to batteries and motors.

i raced 4whl mod for many years and trust me, it is more expensive than 2whl stock in every way.
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