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just a couple of points i would like to make. i know that you weren't suggesting a seperate series. i am saying that it will become a series of proffessional drivers because they will be mostly the only ones who can attend all of the races.

i am a member of roar but i am not a "roar person" i would imagine you are a member too so i don't know what you mean by that. i have no dealings with roar other than being a member as required by my club.

racing isn't the only way for exposure but i believe it is the best and most accurate. tell me how unbiased the mags are in their product testing when ad dollars are on the line. the boards are ok but every thread started by someone asking how good is this or that ends up with sponsored people spouting the praises of the products they get for free. winning is the best indication of how good a driver and what they are driving is.

if the only goal of the nats were to crown a national champ without the involment of lower level drivers, then a series isn't a bad idea. roar and most of the people who make up roar will never be champ and for us average drivers, getting to go to a national level race is important and if i win the e-main i will be happy. my biggest problem with a series is it will exclude us non-sponsored guys and knowing how hard it is to get a manufacturer to sponser one national race, i doubt a series would get the big sponsorship it needs to turn a profit.
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