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Well I for one think the "transition phases" comment is crap. The sale to Thunder Tiger is so yesterdays news, if anything withe pull that Thunder Tiger has the car might be out quicker then we think JMO.

If you think of the cars that are on the "to do list" I am sure the new TC is at the top of the list. The B4/T4 are still winning major events and club races on a weekley bassis 7 out 10 cars from last years Worlds were AE. The GT2 is coming out, 12L4 still rockin The RTR and MGT are doing well. So besides an 1/8th scale what else is on the list?????

The 4wd off road electric class is making a come back and maybe AE will jump in??? until then they are in full support of the BJ4 WE from JConcepts (side note the best 4wd out there)

I have been on Kyosho thread, there is a ton of good information/pictures but some of us are keeping this thread going and checking daily for the word from AE that the car will be coming out and they have release date.

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