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(First of all, I'm sure everyone knows that AE is going through a transition as it phases in new management/ organization resulting from their sale to Thunder Tiger. So the belted tourer is not number one on their list of "To Dos" More like "How can they push more AE labeled Thunder Tiger product through its distributors")

First, Thunder Tiger is not pushing out their product with AE name on it. I.E. GT2, thats not even close to anything they have. Its a fresh, new design for them that takes the GT to the next level.

(Secondly, you guys are expecting a belted tourer from a company that still hasn't been able to put out a 4wheel offroader after so many years? Sure they have plenty of 1/18 mini 4WD mini-offroaders so why couldn't they have made 1/10 version?)

Second, Let's see I don't recall any gas touring cars from Losi. (just so I dont get any hate PM's I have two Losi XXX-S cars)

(Finally, go look at the Kyosho touring car thread. They've been debating about that car for the last 8 - 9 months, if not longer. Even if for some miracle that AE finalizes designs, you won't see it until next year. Figure about 2months tooling, 2months production and 2months shipping and customs. And it will sell for how much???????)

Finally, Who cares speculation is fun. When ever they release it we will all be please (well maybe not all I'm sure they will be some that turn away).

(Okay thats it. There's plenty of other product out there if you need a competition class level tourer. BTW this is NOT to bash AE. I'm glad they're still alive in the business and I look forward to their future product offerings.)

Chad O

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