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I have been reading your posts for a long time and it always seems you have something negative to say about ROAR. Almost like ROAR has done something to you or quite simply you don't like ROAR. To me, there is nothing wrong with that. We all have opinions, just so happens that neither of us agree wtih what you are saying. Feelings should never get in the way of that and this world would be all whacked out if everyone agreed with everything.

I do take it offensive that you lump me in as a "ROAR person".... Just becasue my wife sits on the managing counsel does not mean that I agree with everything they do, just like you and just like alot of people. Shoot Dawn and I disagree more than we agree on issues. Its really hard for me as a member of an organization to go to a national event and know that if I get hacked during a race, a penalty will not be called simply because it was me that it happenned to. I just choose not to say openly the things I do not agree with, thats all. (With the managing counsel that is)

My mention of RC Pro was not trying to start anything. I feel as though RC Pro has started something good for this hobby. It gives an alternate type of racing to those who feel as though it best suits them and that is a great thing, this hobby has needed that for a long time. I don't really think that ROAR needs to change the way they have done some things because we already have what you suggest in RC Pro. Now we have 2 kinds of things rather than 2 trying to do the same things. If a series is what you want, maybe RC Pro is where you need to be in order to have fun. Fun is what this hobby is all about. If you are no longer having fun, maybe you need to be doing something else. (Yeah, me being a "ROAR person" I will probably get scrutinzed for saying that, oh well)

If I offended you in my post above or even this one, I apologize. You seem to be a stand up guy and maybe sometime we can talk about some of your ideas in person so that the loss of comunication of a web forum does not get in the way. Remember, I am a member just like you and everyone else that holds a ROAR card. We all have opinions and not everyone can agree, but everyones goal and intent is for the best on both sides of the fence.

Sean Sanchez
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