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Originally Posted by Faiz
is this conversion intended for indoor racing or also suitable for outdoor?
is that 1 piece drive shaft?
did you have any gear cover option?

The XLR8 has been tested both indoor and outdoor with promising results from both surfaces. When we tested outdoor we had no problems at all with the open diffs, at this time we do not sell a gear cover. Yes the drive shaft is a solid one-piece shaft wich minimizes drive line components and also keeps the drive line more effecient. Great questions.!

Here is a quote from Lane Wiley; one of the first guys that has purchased the XLR8:
Hey Damon,
The car worked and felt great. It definitly turned sooo much better than my tc3, without being twitchy or a hit of oversteer, it was the car because our traction was pretty low that day and normally I am fighting oversteer, not that day! awesome! I normally have to dial out steering but I had it cranked all the way on my radio and never felt like I had to touch it all day. It also felt more precise going down at the end of the straight. If you saw me push out real wide on some of the turns that was me not letting off the throttle in the turn, still working on my driving lol! I tried a couple of things but put my set up right back the way I had it when I first got out there, the next time we race I will try the associated rear hubs. The open diffs were not a problem at all I did not even blow my car off once, I needed to but I didn't have time , the diffs were always fine the car is very quiet.

Here are a couple vids he sent me of his first runs, he's the pink colored car: VIDEO1 VIDEO2
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