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Originally Posted by sedanaddict
I think a series is a bad idea. this hobby is not a spectator sport it is a participation one. how many people attend level four events now that aren't sponsored that couldn't attend a series? i guess the top ten or twenty drivers wouldn't change much because they are on a full ride and can go to a series type event but the other 150 or so guys like me who go because it is a rare opportunity to race with the fastest people will miss club is hosting the onroad nats this year and it is a big deal to me to race in that event. i could never make a multi-state series event and i doubt most of the other club guys could either. the rc companys sponsor drivers because average racer's buy the stuff they think will make them faster. the only way to get that info out is for the sponsored drivers to race with us hacks. if the fastest guys were doing a series of races that for the most part were only attended by them, there would be very little exposure of the products that they are trying to sell.
ROAR's purpose is to promote racing ,not seperate the great drivers from the rest of us so they can race by themselves. I don't think long term any manufacturer would suport that system once the buying public was no longer as involved in the race.

You obviously didn't read my posts completely, and missed several of my points. Do you as a 'hack' feel you have what it takes to win one of these events? If not then what would be the difference if the existing races stayed the same, same titles, same championships, only the events were grouped together to form a series to crown the ROAR national champion for the guys that could attend them all or most of them?

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