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>Thank you for the links. Are 12th still
>popular in Japan?

It is not excessive popular. In Japan the TC Car popular is category. For example when it compares with all the Japanese championships of 2002, there were 360 participants in TC class. 1/12 classes were 150. As for all the Japanese championships participation is decided by the preliminary round result of two times which are executed in every area. But because in 1/12 classes the participants are few, there was an area which is not preliminary round. Therefore in 1/12 classes the completely beginner could participate. When in TC class it can unfold the preliminary round whose every area is extreme, forcing. And it is very few really to look at 1/12 with the local circuit of town

>Have you ever use HPI foam tyre for
>12th? I'd like to know how it compare
>to other.

Yes of course. But
The tire of the HPI as for the supply quantity it is little. In order for the JACO tire to have circulated many, it is thought. In Japan the YOKOMO has imported the JACO tire. The YOKOMO has done the tire of the original brand release, but as for that being used with big race i think it is little. The KYOSHO has imported the TRC tire. In Japan the KAWADA release has original tire, but the supply quantity is small. As for the Japanese user there is many a thing which utilizes the JACO and the TRC tire. With the HPI the "K rubber Hard" tire can use with carpet course. But it's supply quantity is small, the gray of the JACO and the TRC seems like main current
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