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Talking Great Race! Thanks RC Pro and RAMS!

Hello everyone,

I wanted to chime in really quick to say thanks for making my first out-of-town race really fun. I'm a newbie 1/8th scaler that started few months ago at Revelations Raceway so the bigger track was fun and challenging.

So here is my special thanks list to this very prepared group:

Dana S. (Revelations Raceway) helped with tires, advice and pit work! Thanks!

Rick and Dave S. helped me with all kinds of stuff and made the trip tons of fun!

John and Ruben told me to "stop pulling over for people!", "screw e'm!" and Ruben for the great qualifying pit work.

Werner for the words of encouragement!

RAMS for the super cool layout and event coordination!

RC Pro Series staff for great organization and fun event.

Quote for this race: "Getter Done!"

My bitch for this race: Due to hard T-bone in the first corner of the first lap, (light orange car sent me upside down! ) I went from 2nd to 9th in my main. I pushed back up to 3rd then ran out of gas pushing to hard. Still fun though!
So back to Revelations with a mean sunglass tan line and

Thanks Guys!


Other stats:
I measured the race line of the track on Saturday with a wheel tape and got 927 ft.
The straightaway race line measured 230ft.
Inside corner to inside corner of the straight measured 211ft.
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