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Originally Posted by rmdhawaii
Come on Mike! Do it! It's only going to cost you a few bucks and you get to beat Dom! Really! It's going to be worth it. Just imagine the expression on Dom's face when you beat him! You may not be a believer now, but just wait until you cross the finish line!
It's ok to dream sometimes though. He's been doing gas racing for over 15 years, so I doubt he'll start to believe hopups will make him faster.

When we debrief after a race, we don't talk about what options on who's car that made which one of us faster, we always talk about our setup and drive lines that made whoever is faster.

On a side note, there was a guy about 5 years back that had an RS4 packed with GPM blings, said could beat my stock Impulse because of all the parts.... needless to say he didn't make it pass the first qualfier, broke. Guy hardly say a word to me anymore when I see him at the shop.

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