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Originally Posted by rmdhawaii
In a lot of sports, there is always some discussion as to what is the best equipment. This applies to such sports as tennis, golf, running, sking, surfing, cycling, etc.

In Nitro Racing, people don't seem to want to discuss what is the best chassis. It's okay to discuss tires, fuel and engines, but chassis seem to be a taboo. It's almost as if everyone thinks that all cars are equally matched and that it's really the driver that determines the outcome of the race. If this were true, then there would be really no need to create an MTX-4 or 720. You would just expect the MTX-3 and 710 drivers to work harder to try and beat the RRR. But I bet you, that all the MTX-4 and 720 owners are happy that they have a new car to drive. You think any of them wish they had their old car once they drive the new car? I doubt it.

Anybody race an HPI or Associated car at the Nats? Do you think those owners think they could actually win a National championship with their car? I don't think so.

How many people do you think upgraded their car to the WCE spec when it came out? Isn't the WCE better than the standard RRR? Would any of you downgrade your cars to an out-of-the-box stanard RRR to prove a point that you could still win a race with it? I don't think so.

As Dom and I have previously discussed, the hop-ups do three things; (1) Improve the performance of the car, (2) Increase the tuneability and (3) Improve the chances of surviving the duration of the race. These cannot be bad things. They can only help you.
i think barry could still be competitive with the tc3 chassis were not close a year or two ago but now they are very close so its down to driver
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