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Hey, here's a drift thread! I generally try to stick to the other forums, but this is the only place my post will fit.....


Me and a buddy went to see the latest F&F movie yesterday (I promised not to make Ricer/Riceboy comments, even though I was tempted. ) and it got me thinking. We have this drift car in the lineup.... lets make a similar type of movie. No storyline, no dialouge, nothing fancy (Like those guys from Singapore) but a fun, fast paced movie about our drift car.

We're not big import fans, but we did like the moves we saw on the big screen while watching The Fast And The Furious: Tokyo Drift, so we tried our hand at some. The movie shows our results. Check it out by going to the address below...

Let us know how we can set the car up better, drive it better, make future movies better, or just lead better lives in general! Thanks in advance guys.

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