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ok well real cars (1:1 scale) have complety different wieght ratios also depending on the car layout, such as FR, 4wd, MR, RR, etc

so as you can see the real cars that are usually used for drifting is rear wheel drives, as to the weight ratios the common one is the engine being up front

when you said "non-drive whells/tires won't have any drive to cause them to break traction" it is complety impossible to keep traction, you have to remember that the wheels even without drive are always under stress due the the car's and driver's movements and actions, i can list some examples such as: Turning under high speed causing to understeer(not enough traction for turning) or even oversteer(your turning wheel have more grip) depending on the way your driving at that moment, braking and then turning while still braking and then to prolong to drift would either be powerover or just using the gas to keep off traction, which is mostly use to drift with, and another one is that the steering is not always parallel to the driveline in which your car is taking especially when your car is already in an angle

one kind of a drift line is usually taken by braking and turning almost at the same time to break traction causing you to be able to drift

and an example for a grip line is braking and then turning with a slight overlap of those actions so the car doesnt lose enough traction to slide

get it? for the 1:0 scale car is 4wd to drift with is becuase of the traction is pretty low and the complety small wheel base, the wieght ratio is also involved, as most of these cars are made 4wd and have the motor in the back with the battery along side

to sum it up 4wd and rear wheel drive can both drift but the easist to drift with is the FR layout...front wheel drive cars can also drift but its harder becuase of the extra using of the hand brake and the car is usually slower

well i hope i cleared it up and i hope the arguement doesnt get too rough

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