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Originally Posted by syndr0me
Have you guys ever had trouble with inconsistent rear toe on the car? I've got a single 1 degree spacer in the rear of the car on each side (for 1 degree of rear toe) but one of the sides is showing 2 degrees on the setup station. The chassis is brand new, and I checked the bulkheads on a flat surface and can't detect any kind of bend or anything. The rear uprights are both 0 degrees (at least there's no stamp on them) so I don't think I'm running outboard toe by accident. I'm perplexed though. Is it possible one of the uprights is drilled wrong? I suppose I could measure the holes in the chassis, and possibly swap things around to see if the problem follows a particular part.

This is a car I bought used so I didn't have to touch my foam car while our track insists on us running these ridiculous rubber tires for the summer. I really think this car is haunted, it's been nothing but trouble. Maybe that's why it was for sale. :-( I might just convert the foam car to rubber so at least I know what I'm working with. I'm about ready to melt this rubber car down for spare parts. Piece of crap.
Thats shit man may be the rear upright has been bend or your setup systems is bend! But the car can have tweak so if your car is tweaked nothing is right you know! screw the topdeck a bit lose and ask some friend if he can push the chassis againts something flat and then screw your topdeck good!
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