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Originally Posted by vic0280
one of our local heroes just got a sponsorship and supposedly the only sponsored U.S. driver. they just got the car two weeks ago. the car is trick looking. and he made the car look decent on the track, as he is just starting to learn the setup, but there is no way i would buy it. way tooo much money toward parts support for the car.

the car also looking at it, seems more for the clay or blue groove tracks. just looking at it, doesnt seem to be a rough track car. but i could be wrong. .
You couldn't be more wrong if you tried the only clay/dirt track we have in the UK that is used for nationals once a year the rest of the time the car is raced in multi surface tracks consisting of grass, astro turf tarmac, cobble stones, a little dirt. The 3 cars in the pictures above are Tom Yardy (uk factory driver) Paul Robinson and Tony Bishop both supported TTech drivers.
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