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Well, AngryAsian and xxkat, thanks for your input. Regarding to the springs rates, I read that some drivers would get their car front/rear balace (50/50), which I have manage to do so with my pro 4, then they use the springs that would give you the same feeling as you push down the car. With different geometries, you would need different springs on the front and back, so that when you push down both ends, it would give you the same feeling. Then you adjust the car accordingly. I have found it to be extreme on pro 4. I don't know if that's because the motor is hanging so far back or not. On my car, I almost have to use white springs on the front and blue springs at the rear to give me the same push down feeling.

Now, if you look at the Corally RDX, it has the same geometries on the front and rear. If you look most of the belt cars, they have better front/rear balance. Even the HB advertises Cyclone has near 50/50 balance front to rear. It seems to me that most of the shaft cars have more weight at the rear, and I am pretty sure that's why the pro 4 has "harder" geometry at the rear (shock mounts to be far out on the rear arms vs front arms"

I am currently runing stratus 3.0, and seems to work pretty good on asphalt. Oneway............ Well, xxxkat, what do you run with mod? It requires a big change in different driving style to run with oneway, so I am not sure if I want to jump to oneway yet. For sure that I am going to try without the sway bars first. AngryAsian, I guess unless it's the setup for my car, it'll just to be general, right? Thanks
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