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Originally Posted by AngryAsian
I've run the Pro4 for a while now... i'm not sure about the spring comment. But do consider that different suspension geometries require different rates...
You can also play around with the lower shock mounting options. Ie. moving the shocks inboard to soften things up.

Steering depends on your track. The pro4 has abundant steering. Most setups use hard front springs and softer rears. I ran mine last night in cold weather, around 10C running blues in front, silvers in the rear and the car was hooked.

This is of course very very general but i've found the car to have plenty of steering. I was running alot of droop though. 3 on the front, 4 on the back. 5 mm front height, 6.5 on the rear.

Running a GTB 5.5 the car easily beat 3 other cars running 4.5's just because it carried alot of corner speed. I use a silver bar on the front, copper on the rear. I don't know anyone who doens't run A/R bars on their Pro4...

But more chassis roll does increase your corner grip so it might be worth a try.

Sorry about the general nature of the post, but as always you need a local for proper setup tips..
I'm in agreement with the spring rates and it's relationship with suspension geometry.General set ups, I run 4 degree hubs in the front most of the time, I have found that seems to give a good balance to the car. In stock on asphalt I did not run sway bars * (something I have rethought after running carpet 5 times a week for a year.. ) * I ran the kit set up and did not use sway bars, In stock I always run a one way, I don't care if their are "hairpins" I will find a way to drive it ( ) You can use brakes with a one-way..You need to set your transmitter so the brakes wont lock, Make sure your straight.. It does work. The Pro4 seems to be "body" sensitive.. By that a huge difference can be made by just changing the body. On asphalt the Mazda 6 (for me) is dialed, If i go to a different body the balance is not their. When I run on carpet a Nemesis is the ticket for rubber..The Nemesis is also the "ticket" if you want to free up the car and don't feel like wrenching on your car..I also want to be able to run the hardest tires i can get away with..Even if you set up your car soft and run harder tires than what everyone else is you will still carry more corner speed than someone else who is running a harder set up with softer tires..But you need to run sway bars with a soft set up..It's just an opinion, Everyone drives different and expects their car to work a certain way..This is the tough part on giving set up advice..I have driven a few of my buddy's cars and could not figure out how in the *^$# can you drive that car.. But they felt the same about my car..
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