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Hey fellows,
I am happy to report that the combination of 2mm chassis and Hara top deck yeilds pretty good mechanical grip on asphalt track. I was fighting for more steering through out last year, but this setup seems to work pretty good so far.

The bad thing is that, it still doesn't seems to be good enough, especially lost to two TA-05 today.....

Is it just me or the springs for Pro 4 are very stiff compares to other kits. Like Tamiya medium spring is yellow, seems like it feels softer than the softest spring (blue) for pro 4 on the car.

Anyway, I am thinking to remove sway bars from the car, what do you guys think? I am racing on asphalt track, and there are couple of hair pins that I break pretty hard. So, I am pretty much giving up on oneway. Is spool really the ticket for asphalt racing? When I tried spool, I just couldn't get enough off power steering.
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