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Originally Posted by AdrianM
This may sound a little crazy but sometimes stickier tires make you car traction roll less. If the tires slide then grip you can traction roll. If a stickier tire grips consistently and doesn't slide you will traction roll less.

Everyone we talked to after the IIC was complaining of a lack of traction in the rubber class. Not enough forward bite to put the power down and not enough side bite to throw the car hard into the corners. Some said it was like driving drift!

Paul Wynn finished 5th in the Mod Rubber A-Main. He was running a one way, 17 lb front springs and 14 lb rear springs, 1.2mm sway bars, and 40wt oil front and rear with quite a bit of droop on his Schumacher Mi2 and he was nowhere near traction rolling.

This is basically an asphalt setup with a one way added. May guys new to rubber carpet racing were running harder springs thinking that they were necessary for rubber carpet. That is not at all true and often causes traction rolling. No driver in the Mod A-Main ran a spring stiffer than 19lb and some were running 12.9lb springs front an rear.

I don't mean to knock you our your car but if you were traction rolling your setup was way off.

no offense taken. i race only rubber touring since '99, not exactly new to rubber, but no expert either! perhaps "disappointed" was not the right word. please let me clarify that it is in no way directed at your rationale, it is my resignation to the fact that i will have to spend a lot more money.

though i did not race at the iic last year, i spoke with martin crisp (who won the 19t a-main rubber class, and placed 4th in mod rubber a-main) and it was he who reported high traction. from my experience, his setups are pretty reliable. i certainly appreciate the feedback you have received from paul and do not discount it.

i have participated in other "big" ozite carpet races using different types of control tires and the ones where the tire is only good for a couple runs end up costing the drivers the most. when the cs27 has been the tire used it was great because, as you have mentioned, it is a long wearing, consistent tire. martin was able to find very high grip with it and achieve excellent results. from my own experience, achieving the right balance in setup (that you have described) is important to achieve between too stiff a setup that causes the tires to dig and cause roll, and too soft that you lose corner speed, or roll. the cs27 tire has been better than the cs22 in this scenario (but the traction compound being used plays a significant role as well).

all said, i've only used the rp tire once, and you have more experience than i do - i don't oppose your recommendation, but defer to your expertise. (i do plan to be at the iic this year and i just hope i do not end up having to buy one set of tires for every run!)
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