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Originally Posted by junbantay
Guys we are all looking for the Best Car to Consider Bying or Owning right? but think of It... its not how good someone says it is or what the World Champion is using right now.
Look... we all think that Hara is using the Cyclone cause its Perfect... Hey he is using it Cause that is the latest and so far gave him an Edge for Mod racing cause the Belt absorbs the initial torque thus giving a smoother take off. compared to the torque stir that a shaft has. but Mind you he is not thinking of Damages and Expenses... we are...
Let me give you some of the Parts that gets damaged with that I have come across with Cyclone and Pro4.

Bevel gears
One Way - Very Rare

Oneway - I have seen 4 Cyclone users who replaced thiers from the time since Cyclone came out
Servo saver - Very Rare, but Due to that it is single compared to the Pair that Pro4 has it absorbs the Steering impact from time to time.
Shock Tower Holder - Commonly Bent

Both Problems can be Easily Solved.. though you might want to consider how much you will spend to Fix the problems on either Kit.
but then again, If you Are Hara.... you will not have to think of the Expenses
if you are a just a Hobbyist like me, then I might want to consisder the less expensive Kit to maintain.
Mind you,the price of Bevel gears are 9X less than that of a Oneway for a Cyclone. Belts don't come Cheap too.

the rest is up to you all to Decide... but just keep this up in your Head.

He who Braggs a lot about the Flaws of others have more Flaws in Him... somewhere.

have a great Racing! Belt or Shaft... it doesnt Matter a lot...
Its your attitude towards others that will matter in the R/C community


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