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DaveW - My IRS pincushions have rubbed on the ballstud before too, but only because the pins can slide a bit off center. I found I had to put a drop of CA on mine to keep them in.

Ernie P - There isn't a huge amount that really needs to be replaced. I would definately get the Associated VCS shock kit. This replaces the weird foam system used in the standard shocks with a bladder/diaphragm system. This makes the shocks a lot easier to build.

It would also be worth upgrading the front diff outdrives (unless you're running modified and are using the lightened steel ones anyway). The steel ones are ok, but fairly heavy. For stock and 19t you could get some Square RC delrin outdrives, which are really good ( They are slightly longer than the standard versions too so you wont have any problems with the CVD's popping out when you turn sharply and knock a barrier.

Other than those small upgrades, there's little else that is a definate requirement. If you're racing outdoors maybe the ITF (increased tortional flex) kit might help the handling. If you wanted to lighten up the drivetrain you could also get some IRS composite TC3 dogbones and a carbon prop shaft.

If you want to look at hop-ups there are TC3/4 parts from: Associated, Square RC, IRS, 3racing, Team Bomber carbon prop shaft, Titanium Racing, Lunsford...
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