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Originally Posted by DaveW
Niftech has some really sweet dogbones with flat blade-type pins that last quite a while in the plastic outdrives.
THANKS! Not only does Niftech make some neat dogbones, but they make these two "anvils" that come complete with punches and do exactly what I need, help someone with no coordination (and no proper bench vise) insert and remove pins without destroying dogbones... if only I knew which anvil would be the right one for removing stock pins from the original dogbones (from the TC4 kit) so I can install some pin-cushioned ones:

anvil stand for 3/32'' pins #2320-ANVIL
anvil stand for 1/16'' pins #2321-062-ANVIL

I found the anvils here on the Niftech site but I don't know the exact diameter I need and the parts list for the TC4 at the AE site doesn't appear to say - anyone know?
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