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Niftech has some really sweet dogbones with flat blade-type pins that last quite a while in the plastic outdrives. They are aluminum and have two sets of holes for the CVD pin to fit, so you get twice the wear out of them. You can also buy the blade-type pins and install them into any of the AE dogbones, plastic, aluminum, etc... and pretty much build a bulletproof driveline. The steel outdrives DO wear the best, aluminum outdrives are basically for competition only... even with IRS pincushions or the Niftech blades, the aluminum outdrives show wear after a few runs. If you are mostly bashing around or drifting, try the TC3 plastic dogbones (190mm) with steel outdrives... the "twist" in the plastic dogbone will ease some of the wear and tear on the outdrives/bone pins, and they are cheap to replace IF they get broken.
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