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Originally Posted by Nano
Time to bring in some fresh news in the thread.

Production samples are running (and very well too), as expected lots of power and top speed.

Over the week-end the engine took part to it's first race outdoors (Kyosho Cup) and easily won the race with an advance of 2 laps (or about 44 seconds) on the 2nd driver in a 10 minutes final At the start the CRF driver easily took the lead never to be catched again.
A safety pit stop was made at 5 minutes and at the end of the race almost half of the fuel was still there, giving about 9 minutes of run-time on a fuel tank.

Pictures of the track
Any hard numbers??? These have been asked over and over again here in this thread... Peak HP, Peak torque, Bore. stroke... I don't believe to the serious racers, engine sound is really that important... Hey, I could be wrong... Those video clips have already been posted here in this thread... Old news... Fresh info would be nice.

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