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Originally Posted by thedudeaturdoor
im going with the karpet knife 3.1, so now on to foam, and a good esc
i want a 9teen for the motor,
and what batts. can i buy preassembled?

i have the duratraxx dual pulse charger, and i going for a XRI 3 by JR for the radio

will there be anyproblems with parts avablitly for the 3.1?
You didn't say and nobody asked you what type of track you will be running the car on. That can be an important factor in choosing a car, and for picking the right tire compunds.

As far as "bashing" goes, no 1/12th car will run well on un-prepared surfaces (unless the street in front of your house has carpet on it ) So if that's what you are going to do, the nitro car would be better.

In general, link cars like the CK and SpeedMerchant are less well suited for low bite asphalt racing (read: more difficult to set up right).

You can get good assembled battery packs from Pro Match, among others. If you are just starting out, or are running on low bite, try a stock motor to begin with, like the CO27 or Monster Stock.

And BTW there's nothing "brittle" about the old school front end.
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