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Originally Posted by ae_ntc3
the spacer was already there and mine is not a wce.
when i use 0 offset front tyres i can get the front to 198mm but on the rear i put GQ 0 offset and it is 201mm.
on the front, i can only get 198 with zero offset tyres if i screw the pivot balls in all the way without any thread showing.

i got the stock rear dogbones and front kfactory uni's. is vzw010 2mm offset ??
It's difficult to diagnose the problem from where I sit but here goes; since you are not using universals I think you need to change the rear axles to ones that do not require the 2mm spacers. This, by the way, is the opposite of what I am doing to allow me to use 0 offset rear tires. Assuming that all other components are the same, this would be like using an axle similar in dimension to the stock axle portion of the universal for the WCE. Does this make any sense?

How much space do you have between the inside of the rear tire and the top of the bearing block? If there is quite a bit then my suggestion would probably work.

If I'm not mistaken, the VZW010 does not have any offset to it.

Can you post a few pictures? That might help.
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