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Originally Posted by performula
How are you judging track width? With Enneti tires (exact versions of the Power Tyres for the RRR) I got the car to about 199 front, lol, 198 rear.

Pull the spacer out of the rear hubs. Did these spacers come with your car? I didn't get them in my WCE.
the spacer was already there and mine is not a wce.
when i use 0 offset front tyres i can get the front to 198mm but on the rear i put GQ 0 offset and it is 201mm.
on the front, i can only get 198 with zero offset tyres if i screw the pivot balls in all the way without any thread showing.

i got the stock rear dogbones and front kfactory uni's. is vzw010 2mm offset ??
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