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um... not really. i know in 1/10 the losi and the gt both have them on the pro kits, but i was accually talking about 1/8 scale buggy. most of them don't even have an option for threaded shocks. mugen: nope 777:sp2: nope hyper 8:nope jammin: nope. only a limited number of buggies have threaded shock and most of them are not very fast racers. the thundertiger has them. the mayhem has them but it come with the clips instead of the collars. and the ofna 9.5 violator has them. I trust when companys like mugen and kyosho don't have them that most people don't need them. and another thing while no 2 springs maybe the same length, it isn't going to change the handling that much if one is microscopically longer than the other. microtuning to that level is about as meaningful as nitroscent or ballencing wheels and tires to the 1/100 of a gram. most racers i know use the preload clips because they are easier to use and don't change and are always the same amount left and right.

sorry bout the rant.
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