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Aluminum suspension and chassis parts are generally a bad idea. Good for the "bling" factor, that's about it.

Aluminum bends, plastic flexes and comes back. That is, until it breaks. I'd rather break a plastic piece, than bend an aluminum one and not know it, other than the car handles funny for some unknown reason.

Aluminum weighs nearly 3 times what plastic does.

There is a place for aluminum, motor mounts and other high stress areas, etc. Just because it's aluminum, doesn't automatically make it better. My original RC10 with the aluminum tub drove me crazy cause it would bend and tweak pretty easy.

The losi motor is probably better even though its a 19t......the super cheap motors are junk. If you can buy it new for less than $25 at a hobby shop, forget it.

Losi tires are good, Pro lines are good. The losi foams may be a bit better than pro lines.
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