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Originally Posted by Artificial-I
Your more than right. The carbon rods where like an unfinished wood. Very bumpy , the rears when first inserted completely binded the suspension. It was hard to just slide them in.

I had to sand them and polish them , brought it around completely. They went from a dark grey to a polish black. But if they crack within a few laps on a slight least it seemed to be.

I would figure its not going to be a reliable part. Darn shame too, It was going to loose me 15 grams.

I would have been at 1615 total weight. With even 8 HD Body clips and all.
I would have never thought that you could polish it. Amazing.

You will notice that some people are using arrow shafts for buggy parts, like fore/aft braces and linkages and such. They are ultra durable along their length, but they hate side hits............. That is a damn shame cause they would be WAY cool to use.
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