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Since Will (aka Soloartist) wanted to start building the UE for some upcoming races, I couldn't resist helping him out. So here is a very preliminary spec. It still needs more input (including mine), feedback and testing, but it's getting there.

The bottom line: If your engine, clutch, 2-speed, tires and setup isn't right, these parts are not going to help you whatsoever. Driving is also a major factor. If you bolt these on and don't see any improvement, let's see if we can figure out what's going on with your car.

Some helpful information will include:

- Full non-kit parts list, including engine, glow plug, fuel, body, tires, etc.
- Setup information
- Track conditions, weather, temperature, etc.
- Your full race results, including qualifiers
- A-Main full race results, including qualifiers
- Your impressions of how the car is performing on the track

Good luck!

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