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Originally Posted by MR JOLLY
this is why i say only experience racers use these li-po`s

Adrian i can see he`s point though
if you connect up the pack the wrong way the speedo up in smoke would be the least of he`s worry`s , the whole car will go
you don`t get a second chance with these li-po`s , you do with c-cells odd spark then it slowly (compared to li-po) get`s fizzing, li-po`s will go `BANG` ,so much more power in them li-po`s
When I first got mine, I was so careful with it, it was ridiculous. It was like a first time parent with their new child. Then a few weeks ago, in a moment of inattention, I did hook mine up backwards. I had the positive already hooked into the negative, then as I went to put the negative into the positive, I got a quick spark! I instantly pulled the plugs away, hooked them up correctly, and went on with life.

Needless to say, I'm back to "first time parent mode" permanently!

But I guess the battery will give you a 2nd chance. Well, at least if you catch it when you first hook it up wrong and before the power is turned on.
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