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Originally Posted by bvoltz
It would be nice if ROAR would make this legal, one option is just for Mod, for one year to see how it works out. I still think they should make the legal and get on with it.

I have always viewed MOD as a class that every thing is fair, including lovin and war, and MOD is war. The best of the best, tech nothing, but the car weight and size, let them run I say...
The fact is that most tracks do not use full blow ROAR rules in the first place. The only place they apply is at some of the bigger national races.

Look at batteries. How many tracks actually turn away those using IB4200 and GP4300 packs? Most if not all the big non-sanctioned races allow them. So if tracks are going to ignore ROAR rules regarding batteries, it only makes sense that they should allow LiPos as well.

Either enforce the rules, or don't.
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