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The droop adjustments are the grub screws that go through each arm and touch the lower deck. You need to set your ride height before adjusting the droop. If you're raising the ride height with the droop already set, you'll need to back out the droop adjustments. If you are running any limiters on the shocks, you'll want to remove them. Since the car has droop adjustments there is no need for limiters in the shocks. The way that I adjust the droop on the car is as follows:

1. Set the ride height to whatever makes sense (keeping in mind that lower ride height = more mechanical grip, but less steering) I'd suggest starting with 5mm ride height all around. You'll need a ride height guage to measure this accurately, but the spurgears that come with the car are 5mm thick, so you can use that as a guide. Use the thumbscrew thingies on the threaded body shocks or preload spacers on non-threaded body shocks to set the ride height.

2. Put on a set of wheels or setup wheels and press both ends of the car down and let it return to the normal resting height.

3. With a screwdriver or x-acto knife blade, raise the frontend of the car up and measure the ride hight just before the front wheels lift off your workbench. The difference between this height and the ride height at rest is the amount of droop. For example, if you start off with a 5mm ride height and the wheels lift at 7mm, you have 2mm of droop.

4. Adjust the grub screws on each arm to add or reduce droop as needed and retest by raising the car up until the wheel lifts off and remeasure.

You need to make sure you have exactly the same amount of droop on both sides of each end of the car. I suggest starting off with 1mm droop up front and 2mm in back. You can add droop if you need more steering. I usually try to keep the same ratio between front and rear. If I go to 2mm droop up front, I'll go to 4mm in the back. Keep in mind that the car will be more rolly with more droop and less responsive on the twisties. I hope that helps.
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