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Originally Posted by cornerspeed
Yea, Jon looked good out there running with his new car. I had a pretty bad push on entry to the middle of the corner. Mostly a tighter 180 degree or slower 90 degree turns. High speed it's not bad. I basically ran PW's lasted set-up with the exceptions of I ran the front bulkhead lowered. It just has a little in-balance at that thrack the has been there for me for a long time. What always seems to fix it, is anti-squat. But, I'm told a lot that that isn't a good adjustment to make, so I have been trying other things with not much success. The car is really good, but I need to figure this out so it can be great. 1st. I've ran for about 6 weeks. Not so bad I guess.
I personally didn't like the lowered front bulkhead and anti-squat is a good adjustment...You must of been talking to Adrian agian
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